Lonely Recovery


‘Lonely Recovery’

Published on The Pupil Sphere

This project is about the experiences I had throughout lockdown. It documents the loneliness of losing someone whilst it also explores the spaces I lived in.
Through the usage of still lives and self-portraiture I have observed and captured myself both physically and mentally.

Since the global pandemic, I have begun to reflect on myself, as of my breaking relationship. The work touches on notions of heartbreak, suffering and solitude, with a connotation on the waiting for better times. Through black and white highly contrasted images, I have underlined the bipolar emotions I experienced. My camera served as a tool for introspection, for looking in my own self.

The moving image piece First Love (2020) by Mees Peijnenburg deals with separation, and the consequent emotions. I felt inspired by the aesthetics and atmosphere of this piece. Another work which highly influenced me was the practice of Robert Mapplethorpe, which deals with self-portraiture and the physicality of the human body. It inspired me to take closer look at the composition of my own body using self-portraiture and performing in front of the camera.

Lockdown was experienced widely in a similar manner - feelings of loneliness and isolation were shared amongst society. With this body of work „Lonely Recovery“ I am aiming to share my experiences of suffering but also recovering throughout this time.